First consultation €30
Acupuncture €70
Tuina therapy €70
Auricular Acupuncture €30
Cupping €30
Fire Dragon Moxibustion €100
Cosmetic Acupuncture €150
Guasha €30
Moxibustion €30 


€ 70   (not reimbursed by insurance)
Body Memory Release € 70   (not reimbursed by insurance)

Herbal medicine (The price is determined according to the actual situation)
(Prices are per session)

Treatment must be paid for immediately afterwards by card or cash. You will then receive an invoice within 3 working days, which you can submit to your health insurance. 

Most health insurance companies reimburse acupuncture fully or partially, through supplementary insurance.

The most common requirement is affiliation with a recognized professional association. Qihuang is affiliated with Nederlandse Vereniging van Acupunctuur